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Be happy/proud/amazed.. be you

My teacher used to tell me you should be proud of the things you put your name on.

I don’t believe that’s true, because sometimes we do things just to get it over with,  like homework. I know that sometimes I rush through it when I know the teacher won’t check it thoroughly, or if it only counts for extra credit.

Well, I still don’t believe that is true after all these years, but I have come to the realization that you should be proud, not because your name is on something, but because you worked for it.

Be happy even when things fail,  be happy because you gave it your all. You had the best intentions.

Everything you work for or towards you can be happy about, because it’s for you  that you started. Even if you aren’t doing something for yourself, and you are just trying to please someone or maybe everyone  be happy because you are still working for it. No one is giving you everything on a silver platter, or providing you the easy way out of everything.

You are making your own progress, and that’s awesome!!!

Be proud, that you have made it this far

Be amazed, at how far you have come

Be you, because no one else can be, and at the end when you get through doing what you want, no one could have done it like you can. 🙂


You are unique and awesome! never forget that


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