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Our Earth. My Soul. Whose Fate?

Today i was listening about the difference between being depressed and feeling hopeless. and depression as a emotional state versus depression as a clinical diagnosis.

i thought it was very interesting, how when someone is actually depressed, he may not be actively suicidal because he is too “blah/tired/down” to actually do any actions. And that by giving anti-depressents, there is a risk of perking up the mood enough for the person to take any suicidal-ish action.

a depressed person has low mood, and sees no point going out with friends, socially reclines, keeps to himself and does not see any enjoyment in things that he used to do in the past.

a person who is hopeless, on the other hand, may not be depressed. i.e. he may still meet friends, go out for activities, but sees no point in it. this person may be more likely to commit suicide because he is…

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