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if you are unable to get help from professionals, family, look to friends.
when I cant help someone, the first people I go to are friends.
I provide resources for the person, but if it doesn’t help I try to reach out.
I am afraid to call the police for someone.
I don’t mind if contacting the person’s friends would make the person mad at me, I wouldn’t like if they hated me, but they would be alive.

It upsets me when people say things, and no one notices.
What kind of friends do you have?
What about your family?

Still reach out though, don’t give up. If your friends suck, and no one will listen, there are resources that can help:

If your family won’t listen, you also have distant family. Cousins, grandparents, and I don’t know what else.

If the school won’t listen, try everyone: teachers, counselors, principals, security guards, even the janitor. Someone will listen, you are worth it.
Please don’t give up.

You are awesome!


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  1. If you want you can e-mail me at

    You can reach me on facebook:

    You could ask me questions here:

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    Youtube too:

    You are worth it.

    sorry if it sounds like advertising, just trying to make myself available in any way possible that could help someone.

    You can always just post a comment, if you want to.

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