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high school birds

Have you ever watched birds?
not seriously, with binoculars.
but just occasionally look up when you notice something fly by.

have you ever seen birds sit on a wire?
cross the street?
land on a car?
stop on a street lamp?
fly over a house?

I’ve watched birds.
I have noticed that they will walk at different speeds until they feel threatened and just fly away.
I have seen 2 birds exactly the same, walk the same way and eat at the same place, then they flew off in different directions.
I saw a bird sit next to another bird on a wire, and the bird moved over. I’ve seen a bird land next to other birds, then the other birds fly away leaving the bird alone.
I have seen a bird walk instead of fly.
I know that birds are smart.

I consider birds similar to high school/ everyone is different.
We try to fit in.
We all go our separate ways, even if we all go down the same path.

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