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woke up to an empty house
quiet, not even the air conditioner on

take a shower, starts thinking
can I go the whole day in silence?
don’t touch the computer, tv, radio, or mp3 player

the days home from school
I only see family
at school
I only see people

at school
in between classes
practically is silence
no computer, tv, radio, or mp3 player
just voices of people
shuffling of feet
whirs of the elevator

at school
its school
the computer isn’t for personal use
it’s for academic purposes

at home
computer = facebook
computer= email
computer= seclusion from family

my room is my solace, even when it is not the cleanest
my bed I can stay there, if someone locked me in my room
I probably wouldn’t notice until I had to go use the bathroom.
I can go a while without eating, without interruption, without the need for voices.
the screen is my friend..

can I go a day in silence?
if I started today, I have already lost
I used the computer to write this.
when the family comes home,
do I greet them?
that would break my silence

whats the purpose behind being silent?
protest? the silent treatment, sit-ins, loitering
fame? mimes, statues

In opera people that are dying sing the loudest
in movies when people die, doesn’t someone always start crying? or screaming?
When do we break our silence?
when things are wrong.
we advocate, we start to do things. NAACP, #syriasly, Anonymous, SAVE, United Way, Bully

Sometimes when things become prevalent, supporters that were there before the fame
"Where were you?" "Thanks for the support!"

The negative things have more influence than the positive. Invisible Children

What’s my point?
if you’ve read this far, or if you’re like me and just skim and look for important or interesting words. *
my point
what ever you do, it’s important.
whether you make noise, or stay silent
sit on the fence, or join a side
it doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s what you want

that may not be true
people may have valid arguments
im ready to hear them.
but that was my point of all this

Can you go a day in silence?
Who would you have to ignore?
Would you warn people about the silence or just go?
Do you think people would notice? I think it’s only when you say something, people say something back.

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One thought on “just random. read!

  1. * (I do it only sometimes, I’m willing to read long articles about suicide but not messed up. if you’re like me and just skims through stuff, read the bold, read the italics, sometimes just get through it and read it all because the important stuff doesn’t always stand out)

    not part of * if you are interested in doing a day of silence, it doesn’t have to be the way I just described it, there is actually an event called the day of silence. You don’t have to be disrespectful to anyone, you can follow rules and still participate in the day of silence. This is the link.

    I was inspired to write this by my friend, who for some reason did a social network blackout, she stayed off Twitter, Facebook, and where ever else she had an account for the day. When she returned, she posted pictures of what she was doing and it was amazing to see all the things she did.

    I have another friend, his name is Marlon Vincent. We aren’t really close friends but I consider him my friend because he has inspired me to do a lot. I mention his name because, I think he would be ok with that, and also I have mentioned him before on this blog. The things that Marlon has done does not only mean music, he also did a blackout, but it wasn’t called a blackout, it was a fast. For 3 months. Yes, 3 months. This is from his website : “Analyzing his life and purpose Marlon felt as though his music was an appeal to those who listened to it and at times found himself making music for others approval and not for the Father who gave him his gift. He then decided to “start over” embarking on a three month fast which included, social networking (facebook, youtube, twitter), only drinking water with meals, and little to no fellowship to isolate himself from any outside influences other than God by saturating himself not only in the Word of God but in the Spirit of God through worship, prayer and intercession. The result, the change of his stage name with the intentions to always be a bondservant of Jesus Christ on and off the stage”

    Marlon has inspired me, my friend has inspired me, and I just want to take everything I have inspirations, memories, conversations, and use it to hope they inspire you. I still struggle with a lot, so it’s not me doing the inspiring. I confuse myself a lot too.

    I don’t think I could do 3 months, I don’t see what I would do without it. But, I can start with a day. I will start tomorrow, seeing as I have already lost by using the computer today. I won’t say “I wont be logged on tomorrow” I’m just going to do it. The only thing I will use the computer for is school, because I take online classes. I won’t go on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, , StumbleUpon or even WordPress for the whole day. My iPod will remain home as well. What will I focus on? Maybe the people. Maybe I will try to have a conversation with someone.

    Stay awesome.

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