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I plan on finishing my 2 year degree in college.

I plan on moving out of the house.

I plan on killing myself.


I have had plans of better things:

getting a masters degree in social work

volunteering more

living with a friend

going different places



Im not doing those plans anymore.


Whats going to happen when I die?   this site, and any other accounts I have on the internet will still remain active. I  wont have someone continue writing here. I wont have someone notify you of me dying.     the day of:  im not going to say goodbye, apologize, or even do a speech.

Why do I want to die? I don’t know. I still don’t think im going to have a good future. im not looking forward to getting older. im a hypocrite telling others don’t give up when they want to die, yet im planning on dying myself.     I feel like nothing I say matters, if im not going to listen to what others say as well.

Why am I going to finish getting the degree if I plan on killing myself?  to make my mom happy. she wanted me to go to college even though I didn’t want to.

Why am I going to move out of the house? so my family doesn’t see it happen or have to be around to deal with everything. not sure if im just going to do it outside where there isn’t anyone, or save up money buy an apartment and do it there.




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