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life sucks

many people can come to that point.

the point where you just say fuck my life.  fml.

you question everything that ever happened.

for fucks sake.  ffs.


when you say fuck your life. that’s saying forget everything, forget the times you were happy, forget the friends, forget your family,  its saying fuck the day you were born.

ive never heard fuck used positively, have you?



I try not to say fml  no matter how bad it gets, but sometimes I go past words and just feel like dying. I wont talk about it, and i’ll just cry to sleep or listen to music.


check it out though

nothing lasts forever..

sadness, happiness, excitement and all stuff it doesn’t last forever


there is always hope

you aren’t alone

music is going to be around forever

life sucks

that doesn’t mean you stop living

that doesn’t mean you have to quit

you can get better

what stops you from thinking better?

I watched some videos and they helped me feel better. im not cured. I still don’t know what im going to do with myself, but the videos are these:

im not saying its easy.

im saying that ive been told by friends to change how im doing

change my surroundings, do better to myself.

Life sucks, but it wont always.

You can change it.

That’s the point of these words.                                                – says the person that wants to die..


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