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look ahead

ever hear you have your whole life ahead of you?

ever hear you are better than this?

ever hear  you are worth it?

ever hear you cant give up?

Has someone ever told you your life isn’t yours to take?

A friend told me that, and I was like   What?       I took it like a challenge.

Then I thought of it like fact.

I didn’t make myself. My mom gave birth me.

I grew up, and learned from others.

Now, I’m my own person, still living in the rules of society.

But that’s not what my friend meant.

My friend meant that my life isn’t actually mine.

There is this person that loves you more than life. More than death.

More than anything, and no matter what.

It’s neverending, a love you don’t have to wish for.

But im not preaching.

There are songs about it. Books. Testimonies.

People look up to this person as everything: best friend, father, king, master, teacher and other things.

Like I said im not preaching, or putting it down.

You’ve been with me, I share everything.

I have had my moments of belief and disbelief.

That wasn’t the point I wanted to make in this.

Look ahead

You have your life ahead of you.

How can you tell?

You don’t know the future.

But if you end it now, you will never know.

Im not an optimist.

Im learning about karma. It means different things.

You have your life ahead of you.

Don’t they tell you to forget the past?

The past is behind you

and you cant really go backwards in time

but you can go forward

remember how I wrote about progress?

There is no bad progress.

If you watched the 10 reasons to smile video, that I mentioned in another post, the superwoman lady was right

no matter whether you are happy or sad time isn’t going to stand still for you. and the moments you are not happy

are moments of happiness wasted.

not sure if those were her exact words,  watch the video 🙂

Look ahead

not sure what you are going to find

think of a roller coaster, when you’re at the top ready to drop

you know ahead is the bottom

but you don’t know how the ride is going to end

(unless you have ridden the coaster before)

Look ahead

because sometimes your shadow isn’t always behind you

sometimes birds come back

sometimes I feel like writing really long meaningless things

Look ahead

there is going to be more good things to come

but nothing will be won if you’re dead

Look ahead because its like anticipation.

I don’t know.

I just don’t want my final words to be negative, not saying these are my final words.

Stay awesome, and look ahead.


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