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I never made a title for this cartoon.

I didn’t name the characters, so it might get confusing.

There are 4 main characters:

Girl 1

Girl 2

Boy 1

Boy 2

There is a hall monitor.

Girl 1 has a ponytail

Girl 2 has her hair going down to the sides

Boy 1 has a hat going forwards

Boy 2 has a hat going backward and is wearing sunglasses

The hall monitor has a sash thing that says Hall Monitor

The setting is school.



Page 1

Boy 1: What’s up man?

Boy 2: Nothing much

Boy 1: Did you talk to her yet?

Boy 2: No I can’t find her

Boy 1: I’ll help you look

Boy 2: Let’s go

Both girls are in the hall

Boy 2: Hey

Girl 2: Me or her

Boy 2: Her

Girl 2: Ok I’ll get her, wait here

Boy 2: Ok thanks

Girl 1: What does he want?

Girl 2: To talk to you

Girl 2: I’ll wait for you in class

Girl 1: Ok

Girl 1 walks over to Boy 2

Girl 1: Hey

Boy 2: Hey, Can I ask you something?

Girl 1: Yeah sure, What is it?

Boy 2 is nervous and starts stammering

Boy 2:

Girl 1: What is it? You can tell me

Boy 2: Ok  Here it goes.. Will you go out with me?

Girl 1: Um

Boy 2: I knew you would say no. Sorry I wasted your time

Girl 1: It’s not that. It’s just that I have a boyfriend

Boy 2 felt his heart explode with sadness

Boy 2: You do? Oh Sorry I wasted your time then

Girl 1: You didn’t waste my time I really like you

Boy 2 was very happy all the sadness was disolved

Boy 2: What about your boyfriend? Do I know him?

The school bell rings and they must go to 4th period

Hall monitor: Get to class!

Girl 1: Meet me at my locker after class and we can finish talking

Boy 2: Ok

After 4th period ends the bell rings and Boy 2 goes to Girl 1’s locker and waits for her

Girl 1: Hey

Boy 2: Hey

Girl 1: You do know him

Boy 2: I do? What is his name?

Girl 1: I don’t know he didn’t tell me yet

Boy 2: So how do you know I know him?

Girl 1: He is your best friend

On the inside Boy 2 was surprised and shocked

Boy 2: You like him?

Girl 1: Yeah, but..

Boy 2: What?

Girl 1: I like someone  else

Boy 2: You do? Who?

Girl 1: You

To Be Continued…

Pg 1 (continued)

Boy 2: Really?

Girl 1: Yeah

Boy 2: But your boyfriend what about him?

Girl 1: Do you like me?

The hall monitor just does his job

Hall monitor: Get to class

Girl 1: We can talk after school

Boy 2: Ok

School ends

Girl 1: Hey

Boy 2: Hey

Boy 2: We both like each other

Girl 1: Yeah


Girl 2: sigh

Boy 1: Hey

Girl 2: Hi

Boy 1: What are you doing? School is over

Girl 2: Lol yeah I know, I’m waiting for someone. What are you doing?

Boy 1: I’m waiting for someone too. Is it ok if I ask you something?

Girl 2: Yeah

Girl 2: What is it?

Boy 1: Do you have a boyfriend?

Girl 2: No,  Why?

Boy 1: I want to be your boyfriend. Will you go out with me?

Pg 2

Girl 2: Um..  Sure

Boy 1: Really?

Girl 2: Yeah

Boy 1: Awesome


Girl 1: Are you mad at me?

Boy 2: No

Girl 1: Are you sure?

Boy 2:  Yeah. Why? Should I be mad at you?

Girl 1: Yeah kinda.

Boy 2: Why do you say that?

Girl 1: Because I am going out with your best friend and I like the both of you.

Boy 2: The truth is that my friend doesn’t like you he likes your friend

Girl 1: What? Really? Why didn’t he say something?

Boy 2: Because he knew how much I liked you and he knew your friend would wait for you. So he is asking her out right now.

Girl 1: Oh! I totally forgot she was waiting. Let’s go meet them.

Girl 1 and Boy 2 went to meet Boy 1 and Girl 2

Girl 1: Hey you guys

Boy 1: Hey homes

Boy 2: What’s up homes?

Girl 2: You’re here

Girl 1 and Girl 2 step aside to talk to each other

Girl 1: Sorry I kept you waiting

Girl 2: It’s ok. While I was waiting I got a boyfriend


Boy 1 and Boy 2 were talking

To Be Continued…

Pg 2 (continued)

Boy 2: Are we cool?

Boy 1: Yeah

Boy 1 left Boy 2 to talk to Girl 1

Boy 1: Excuse me ladies. Can I talk to you for a second?

Girl 1: Both of us?

Girl 2: Which one?

Boy 1 went off with Girl 1 and left Girl 2 to wait

Boy 1: You please

Girl 1: Ok I will be right back

Girl 2: Ok I will wait here

Girl 1: So what do you want to talk about?

Boy 1: You and me

Girl 1: Ok  What about it?

Boy 1: Do you still like me?

Girl 1: Yeah

Boy 1: Are you and my friend going out?

Girl 1: Yeah

Boy 1: You like him too. So how do you want to do this?

Girl 1: Do what?

Boy 1: You like both of us. So what happens now.

Girl 1: You asked my friend out. Do you like her?

Boy 1: Yeah

Girl 1: Do you still like me?

Boy 1: Yeah

Girl 1: Why did we break up?

Boy 1: Because I knew how my friend feels about you

Girl 1: How does he feel?

Boy 1: Well..he loves you

Girl 1: Loves?

Boy 1: I’m sorry. I wasn’t supposed to tell you and I love you too so it’s awkward.

Girl 1: You love me?

Boy 1: Yeah, I understand if you don’t love me.. It’s weird now that we are seeing other people.

Girl 1: Can I kiss you one last time?

Boy 1: Do you want to?

Girl 1 and Boy 1 kiss and do not hear or see Boy 2

Boy 2: Hey guys…

Pg 3

Boy 2 sees Girl 1 and Boy 1 kissing and was shocked

Boy 2: What…

Girl 1 and Boy 1 see Boy 2 and quickly back away from each other

Girl 1: It’s not anything

Boy 1: It was a kiss goodbye

Boy 2: It’s cool dude you and her in love. It’s alright

Boy 2: You said you like both of us.

Girl 1: I do

Boy 1: What now?

Boy 2: You don’t love me so stay with him. I’ll let her know you want to end it homes.

Boy 1: Are you sure homes?

To Be Continued…

Pg 3 (continued)

Boy 2: Yeah homes.

Girl 1: But..

Boy 1: Do you love him?

Girl 1: Yeah

Boy 2: Homes, is it ok if I kiss her?

Boy 1: Yeah, if she want to

Boy 1: Do what you got to do homes

Boy 2: Thanks homes

Girl 1: Yeah I want to

Boy 2 and Girl 1 kiss while Boy 1 watches. They kissed for 10 minutes.

Boy 1: Do you want to choose?

Girl 1: No

Boy 2: Why? Just choose him you know you want to

Boy 1: You don’t have to choose.

Girl 1: I want to. I just don’t know who.

Boy 2: It’s ok if it’s him.

Boy 1: I’m sorry homes I won’t do that to you.

Boy 2: Homes it’s cool, you should be with her forget me.

Boy 1: Girl just pick him he loves you and is crazy about you

Boy 2: I’ll go see how she’s doing I’ll be back


Girl 2: Hey, thought I was forgotten.

Boy 2: Never, you are too beautiful to forget

Girl 2: Where did everyone go?

Boy 2: They are talking.

Boy 2: You are amazing to me.

Girl 2: Thanks.

Boy 2: Are you blushing??

Girl 2: No…lol

Boy 2: Lol I’m sorry. I’ll stop

Girl 2: It’s ok.

Boy 2 got closer to Girl 2, and without thinking he kissed her and she kissed him back for 30 minutes.


Boy 1: They’ve been gone a long time let’s go check on them

Girl 1: Ok

Pg 4

Boy 2 and Girl 2 were still kissing when Girl 1 and Boy 1 walked in.

Boy 1: Homes, what are you doing?

Boy 2: I don’t know what came over me I’m sorry.

Girl 1: What happened? Are you ok?

Girl 2: Yeah I’m fine

Boy 1: Homes, What about her?

Boy 1: Homes, We need to talk.

Boy 2: Ok. I’m really sorry.

Boy 1 and Boy 2 walk away from the girls to have their talk.

Boy 1: Dude! What were you thinking? I got her to pick you

Boy 2: I know I messed up but you love her

Meanwhile Girl 1 and Girl 2 decided to have a talk of their own.

Girl 1: What were you thinking?

Girl 2: I like him but I didn’t know what came over me. I’m sorry

Girl 1: Do you like him alot?

Girl 2: I think I love him, I don’t know about my boyfriend

Girl 1: Well, I have something to tell you…

Girl 2: What is it?

Girl 1: Well your boyfriend is my boyfriend  and we are in love. The dude you were kissing loves me from the first day he saw me, but I don’t know anything about him. I like the both of them and I love the both of them. I’ve kissed both of them and I have to choose and the dude you kissed tells me to forget him and pick the other dude and I don’t know who to choose.

Girl 2: Figures..No one likes me.

To Be Continued…

Pg 4 (continued)

Girl 1: I’m sorry


Boy 1 and Boy 2 are still talking

Boy 1: Do you like the other girl?

Boy 2: Yeah dude I think I love her

Boy 1: You love her so What about the other one?

Boy 2: She loves you not me. I don’t know why I kissed her

Boy 2: I’m going to go talk to them

Boy 1: Ok

Boy 2 walks over to Girl 1 and Girl 2

Boy 2: Excuse me ladies, Can I talk to you?

Girl 2: Ok, I’ll let you guys talk

Boy 2: No, no, no! Both of you.

Girl 2: oh ok

Boy 2: I want to talk to you about what’s going on.

Girl 1: What is going on?

Boy 2: I love you but you love him, so you should go with him. But, you and I love each other but you love him more and then when I kissed her I liked her and I think I love her…and since you have him I don’t know what to say.

Girl 2: You think you love me?

Girl 1: I understand, but what if I don’t want him.

Boy 2: Why wouldn’t you want him? I’m nothing special, you wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you pick him.

Girl 1: You shouldn’t say that

Girl 2: You are special to both of us

Boy 2: Yeah right

Girl 1: Seriously, you are

Boy 2: You think I’m special, you must mean retarded

Girl 2: No you are not retarded

Boy 2: Why do you care? You are with him, not me, and you don’t love me back so it’s just words…Have a nice life!

Boy 2 walks off from Girl 1 and Girl 2 and returns back to Boy 1

Boy 2: She’s going to pick you with no hesitation.

Boy 1: Thanks homes.

Boy 2: Yeah…

Boy 1: I know something is messing with you homes. What’s wrong?

Pg 5

Boy 2: Homes, you know me too well

Boy 1: Lol yeah. So what’s wrong?

Boy 2: I knew she was going to pick you and now I can’t get over it. I told her friend that I loved her, she didn’t say anything back and what I said made me feel guilty. Even if she chose me and loved me back she would love you more.

Boy 1 made a realization and was surprised

Boy 1: Homes, Are you serious?

Boy 2: Yeah. Why are you so surprised?

Boy 1: Because you are the cool dude. How did I get the cool girl?

Boy 2: Lol Homes I don’t know. Let’s both go talk to them.

Boy 1: Ok

Boy 1 and Boy 2 walk towards Girl 1 and Girl 2

Boy 2: Hey ladies

Boy 1: Can we talk to you?

Girl 1: What is it?

Girl 2: Sure

Boy 2: First of all, I’m sorry for what I said earlier.

Girl 1: It’s ok

Girl 2: Forgiven and forgotten

Boy 1: I have a question…How did I get you?

Girl 1: What do you mean? Is something wrong with me?

Girl 2: We should let them talk. Let’s go.

Boy 2: Ok

Boy 2 and Girl 2 walk away from Boy 1 and Girl 1 to talk by themselves

To Be Continued…

Pg 5 (continued)

Boy 2: Hey baby, I’m sorry for what I said. I love you.

Girl 2: It’s ok. Trust me when I say I love you.

Boy 2 gets a sad look on his face when Girl 2 said that.

Girl 2: Whats wrong? Are you ok?

Boy 2: You can’t trust me.

Girl 2: Why can’t I?

Boy 2: Because I am stupid

Girl 2: You are not stupid

Boy 2: Yeah I am

Boy 2: I just don’t want you to be unhappy, but what if I make you unhappy what happens

Girl 2: You will never make me unhappy. I love you

Boy 2 sighs

Boy 2: I love you too

Girl 2: I do love you and trust you with my heart. I’ll prove it to you.

Boy 2: How?

Girl 2 steps closer to Boy 2

Girl 2: I don’t know. We could kiss until you pull away.

Boy 2: I’ll never pull away. Do you want to?

Girl 2: lol. Do you believe me now?


Girl 1 and Boy 1 are talking

Boy 1: No there’s nothing wrong with you.

Girl 1: Why did you ask that?

Boy 1: Because you are the cool and popular girl, and I’m well..a nobody.

Girl 1: You are not a nobody. I love you.

Boy 1: You love a nobody.

Girl 1: Well then you are my nobody and I love you

Boy 1: Lol. I love you too

Girl 1: Kiss me

Boy 1: This time no goodbyes.

Pg 6

Girl 1 and Boy 1 kiss for a long time.


Girl 2 and Boy 2 are talking.

Boy 2: Lol yeah

Girl 2: Great

Boy 2: Yeah you are..

Girl 2 starts blushing and face turns pinkish

Girl 2: Lol thanks

Boy 2: Lol even cuter when you blush

Girl 2 is too embarrased to say anything

Boy 2: I’m sorry for making you blush, I’ll stop. I love you.

Girl 2’s face is returning back to normal.

Girl 2: I love you. You are so nice.

Boy 2: Thanks. You are so awesome.

Girl 2: I’m not awesome.

Boy 2: You are so much more, but awesome is what I thought of.

Girl 2: I’m not anything. Not even close to awesome.

Boy 2: Why do you say that?

Girl 2: Because I’m ugly and repulsive

Boy 2: No love, you got the wrong picture. You are beautiful and attractive, along with awesome and pretty. I love you.

Girl 2: I’m not any of those things.


Girl 1 and Boy 1 are still kissing until Boy 1 pulls away

Boy 1: We have to stop

Girl 1: Why?

Boy 1: You would have slapped me if I did what I was thinking.

Girl 1: What were you thinking?

Boy 1: I was thinking 3 different things: 1. putting tongue in the kiss 2. “doing you” here 3. Getting the others and doing a 4 some

Girl 1: Whoa

To Be Continued…

Pg 6 (continued)

Girl 1: Here?

Boy 1: I’m such an idiot. I shouldn’t have told you anything.

Girl 1: You are not an idiot.

Boy 1: That was totally inappropriate. I’m sorry. It’s ok if you don’t want to kiss again.

Girl 1: It’s ok. I love you no matter what and I do want to kiss you again.

Boy 1: You do? I love you too, and I’m really sorry.

Girl 1: Yeah. It’s ok.

Boy 1: Like he said: “You are awesome”

Girl 1: Lol he always said that to me

Boy 1: Lol he never stopped talking about you

Girl 1: Lol I could only imagine. Are you ready?

Boy 1: Ready when you are.


Boy 2 is trying to convince Girl 2 that she is awesome

Boy 2: I’ll prove to you that you are.

Girl 2: How?

Boy 2: You get to choose from these 4 options: 1. We could do the kissing thing 2. I could tell you what I think about you 3. I’ll tell you all the bad stuff about being with me until you break up with me 4. You beat me up because I’m not helping.

Girl 2: You are helping, I could never break up with you. You think about me?

Boy 2: Lol of course I do.

Girl 2: What’s there to think about? My ugliness?

Boy 2: No, I think about your radiant glow you get when you smile, how cute you are when you blush, the stuff that makes you awesome, how good you look, how nice you smell, your personality… Lol I could write a book about you. I’ll call it: My Awesome Gf (Girlfriend)

Girl 2: Lol I’m sorry

Boy 2: You didn’t do anything. I love you

Girl 2: I love you too.

Boy 2 quickly stepped closer to Girl 2 and kissed her on the cheek then stepped back

Girl 2 blushes and her face turns deep red

Boy 2: Lol I’m so sorry.

Girl 2: It’s ok


Boy 1 and Girl 1 are making out passionately

Boy 2: I love you

Girl 2: I love you too

Boy 2: Lol…Are you taken?

Girl 2: Yes, by you. Lol

Boy 2: You are awesome.

Girl 2: You are nice

Boy 2: You rock my socks

Girl 2: You rock my world

Boy 2: Can I try something with you?

Girl 2: For you anything. Be gentle…Lol

Pg 7

Boy 2: Lol. Ok, try not to blush

Girl 2 starts blushing

Girl 2: What are you going to do to me?

Boy 2: If I tell you then I won’t want to do it anymore. Please trust me, I won’t hurt you promise.

Girl 2: Ok, I trust you.

Boy 2: You can pull away, slap me, or whatever if you want. Just close your eyes and give me one minute, then do whatever to me ok?

Girl 2: One minute. Ok

Girl 2 closes her eyes

Boy 2 stepped closer to Girl 2 wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately for 1 minute then stepped two steps away from her

Boy 2: Sorry

To Be Continued…

Pg 7 (continued)

Girl 2: That was…awesome

Boy 2: I should have waited

Girl 2: Waited for what? I thought you said you would never pull away.

Boy 2: I didn’t think you would let me hold you that long, I didn’t think you would like it or want more, I expected yelling.

Girl 2: I would yell for more not in anger, hold me if you don’t mind me falling asleep in your arms, if you don’t mind being that close to me. Ask me when you aren’t sure that my answer will be yes because I love you. You kept your promise not to hurt me, I would yell for more not in anger.


That is all of my cartoon. I never got to finish it. I dont plan to either. What could a guy say to that?

Make up your own ending, comment about it.

Sorry for the inappropriateness.

This cartoon was based off my relationships with some people, even the sad parts were awesome experiences.

this isnt realistic, so dont go try to kiss everyone or do random things with people, think about it:  a school with only 6 people?

Lol means laugh out loud

going to be honest: these relationships i had were online, i didnt go meet people in real life but the words we shared were just as close.

my advice: be careful with what you do. don’t depend on people to define you, because if you do  you wont know who you are without the help of someone.

I’ll try to find a way to put pictures.


say something, anything at all. i would love to hear from you :) if not, have an awesome day anyway!

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